Explaining the world with Mythology

Learning about the mythology of ancient Greece

In the early stages of human society, various weather or geological phenomena played an important role in the fate of man, so his dependence on storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions was interpreted as divine and associated with gods, demigods and other possessors of supernatural powers. The places that are still associated with myths are also called geomythological places and are of great historical, archaeological and educational interest.

Of course, there can be several variations on each myth. Ovid says it one way, Diodorus the Sicilian another way, other mythographers use othe variations of the same myth. But usually the basis remains the same, a sign that some myths are essentially fiction based on real events.

Beyond the mainstream mythology, with the Twelve Gods, the Epics, the Heroes that all children should know, there is also that "Second" league of myths, as greek writer Tsiforos said. The godchildren, who hang around the elders and are a kind of servants, grammarians, philanderers and advisors. And after we have overcome the Twelve God Pantheon and its world, it is interesting to see them as well. They have so many stories, some cute others dark and they are playful and full of otherworldly tales, elegant, smiling, instructive stories, from those that honored the human spirit. There are heroes big and small who confronted themselves and suffered… for us to learn from.

Let us try to follow and unravel those mythical (mythologika) paths, teach one another and share our stories

Welcome to Mythologika of the Greeks

Myths and Heroes

Men and Women of greek mythology - Gods and Heroes

The Odyssey

Thε legendary journey home for the hero of the Trojan War, and king of Ithaca, Odysseus as described in Homer's epic of Odyssey

Jason and the Argonauts in search of the golden fleece

The search for the golden Fleece at legendary Kolchis by Jason and the Argonauts.Learn about their adventure until their return back to Greece

The Trojan War

The war between the Achaeans and the Trojans because of the abduction of Helen of Sparta